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Build for financial service providers and regulated corporates

Stay ahead in the competition with iVE.ONE's swift operating model. Our implementation timelines are counted in days and weeks, not years. With iVE.ONE's user-friendly low-code process, accessible APIs, and frequent updates, you're set for the future, allowing seamless iterations without any disruptions.


Expand your business by offering a diverse range of digital asset classes, meeting the varied needs of your clients. This strategic move enhances market reach and ensures adaptability in the evolving digital assets landscape.


Elevate your digital business to new heights by seamlessly incorporating tokenization, ensuring a harmonious balance between security, compliance, and operational efficiency without compromising on any front.

Asset Managers

Enhance the efficiency of your back-office operations by leveraging the capabilities of blockchain, resulting in potential cost reductions of up to 20 basis points.


Position your business for the future by embracing blockchain technology, transforming not just financing and treasury functions but also innovating new customer products for a comprehensive and forward-looking business approach.

Virtual Bank

Develop your position in the financial landscape by utilizing blockchain technology as a growth engine, while concurrently securing a sustainable competitive advantage through the provision of digital asset services to expand your customer base.

Why Us?

Enterprise Grade Security

Global Solution

Blockchain Agnostic

Excellent Partners

Experienced Team

Cloud Technology

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How it works



iO Connector APIs enable seamless integration between your application (front, middle, or back office) and our DLT capabilities, allowing you to save valuable months of effort, time, and financial resources.




DLT Capabilities

Our cutting-edge DLT capabilities, which seamlessly connect you to a suite of features for managing your digital assets. From tokenization and DLT register to custodian and trading APIs, and facilitates easy customisation when required.

APIs Built Just for You

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