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Digital asset infrastructure for financial services

Corporates of all sizes and sectors - from financial institutions to businesses - are using iVE.ONE’s platform and APIs to leverage crypto trading, tokenization, DeFi, and Web3 for their businesses.
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Composable finance

A CONFIGURABLE solution of digital asset modules

We bring together everything you need to build solutions for cryptocurrencies or tokenized marketplaces. iVE.ONE's modules power crypto trading, tokenization, staking, lending, custody, crypto securities register, and everything in between.

Our modules also help corporates beat money laundering, monitor crypto transactions, check identities, manage reports, and much more.


Easy-to-use APIs to access digital assets

For your developer team, we offer APIs so that you can save valuable time and resources integrating digital asset functions into your existing system. Share your feedback with us to improve our services.

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Why work with us


Digital Assets is the new normal

Create a customer-centric experience

Our modules coupled with services from our partner network allow businesses to connect more quickly and offer digital asset solutions to customers while keeping up with the ever-changing market demands.

Improve your numbers

Grow in numbers and add new revenue streams to your existing financial model. Generate new margins via crypto trading (e.g. Bitcoin) or tokens (e.g. NFT) and scale easily with our transparent SaaS model without hefty upfront costs.

Trust in our technology

Regulatory requirements create trust for our clients. All of our modules are highly scalable, redundant and built to the highest compliance standards - prudential requirements for IT (BAIT). Our custody partners are either government licensed or have equivalent standards.

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Create your own digital asset experience

"Our digital asset infrastructure is built on modules to empower corporate clients worldwide and provide them with a competitive edge"

Phong Dao, CEO & Co-founder

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