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iVE.ONE is a product that supports companies on capital raising through digital securities - compliant and legal.

We are working on decentralized crypto-security registrar in accordance with eWPG

Förderprogramm Dist@l der Hessischen Staatskanzlei im Bereich der Ministerin für Digitale Strategie und Entwicklung, Kap. 02 06 Förderpunkt 07 „Digitale Innovations- und Technologieförderung“ Förderlinie 4: Gründungsförderung, Modul B Wachstum B von digitalen Start-ups.

For Issuers

  • Digital Asset management
  • Auditable integrated compliance
  • Cost efficient through automation
  • Shareholder Management
  • Access to global markets
  • Included Brokerage License
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For Investors

  • Invest into Digital Securities
  • Simple like Online Banking
  • Fast identification & onboarding
  • Receive real-time asset updates
  • Portfolio Analytics
  • Manage your assets
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Our partners say

The Team of iVE.ONE by Agora Innovation is at the forefront of FinTech Innovation and does understand the necessity for efficient, transparent and secure ways of raising capital. iVE.ONE is successfully creating the future of IPOs and making the fundraising process seamless, easy and straightforward like Online Banking.

Karl-Michael Molzer
Co-Founder & CFO

Transparent, legally compliant and flexible - this is what we expect from the software as a service provider for Security Token Offerings in the context of digital securities. We are pleased that we have found exactly the right solution for our requirements with The cooperation with Agora Innovation’s team is extremely enriching and has a highly targeted approach.

Patrick Schütze

iVE.ONE has a highly professional team with a great spirit and a strong vision - It's really fun to work with them! We see tremendous synergies in collaboration as the platform provides an regulated & compliant token ecosystem on a global scale for our clients and we help their clients to make a successful Token Offering.

Manuel Müller
Partner at

With iVE.ONE, Agora Innovation created a product that incorporates a complete and automated regulatory framework on one single platform. The company’s solution offers the highest usability and functionality for investors and issuers. With this approach, Agora makes a key contribution to the market viability of blockchain-based securities that have a significant efficiency advantage compared to the issuance of traditional financial instruments

Stefan Schütze
Managing Director

As a legal advisor to issuers of tokenized financial products, a cooperation with a reliable investment and issuing platform for blockchain-based digital assets is essential. It is great to have such reliable business partner in Agora Innovation GmbH and their platform iVE.ONE that covers everything issuers of digitalized investment products need beyond legal advisory

Lutz Auffenberg
LL.M. (London), founder of the Frankfurt-based law firm FIN LAW

iVE.ONE by Agora Innovation connects all the dots for the successful issuance of digital assets. The team behind the project is very skilled and has a great vision in mind. We at Tangany see great potential for a solution like and look forward to an ever stronger partnership.

Martin Kreitmair

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Tokenize for Success

iVE.ONE opens all possibilities for growing your business, Tokenization of your assets, raising capital, and attracting new investor groups in an efficient and cost-effective way.

We have partnered with top notch tech & finance companies

Tokenization Offerings


Tokenize your assets to unlock new capital raising options and investor groups

Investment Hub

List your tokens for secondary and primary market with iVE.ONE

Whitelabel Solution

Work with iVE.ONE to whitelabel your marketplace for all your token offerings

Onboarding Investors

Bring current investors easily with iVE.ONE onboarding and KYC registration

Investor Management

Manage your tokens and investors by using the intuitive iVE.ONE portal

Market Your Token

Promote your tokens with a custom landing page and website

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