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Trusted by financial service providers and corporates

Accelerate your success with our digital asset infrastructure

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"Digital Assets and particularly tokenization is an important industry trend that goes beyond the digitization of financial instruments. It’s a brilliant way to conduct transactions in a very efficient way and to lower the traditional securities issuance costs. The transformation of the financial market using digital technology is about to take off and I’d like to be a part of this great journey with iVE.ONE."

Michael Reuther, former Member of the Management Board of Commerzbank AG

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Hong Kong

Integration of the DLT infrastructure for financial institutions


Tokenization services for financial insitutions and corporates

South Africa

Tokenization of funds & commodities for Asset Managers

Saudi Arabia

Integration of the DLT infrastructure for regulated market participants


Tokenization services for corporates

Benefits for our customers

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) platforms open up novel global distribution channels, empowering financial institutions to reach entirely distinct investor groups through the utilization of digital assets.

Distribution Channel

Implement standardized Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) with a blockchain connector to enable seamless communication between the FI’s existing systems and various digital asset platforms. This simplifies the integration process.

Simple Integration

Financial institutions can unlock savings potentials of up to 20 basis points per annum and achieve a process automation increase of up to 90% through the implementation of blockchain technology.

Cost Reduction

We combine our blockchain and financial expertise to various financial sectors, developing the capital markets of the future.

Our DLT Capabilities

Distributed Ledger Technology

Creation of tokenized representations of traditional financial instruments, such as funds, bonds, stocks or even real world assets. By leveraging blockchain technology the financial market redefines how securities are issued, traded, and managed.



The register efficiently manages market participants, facilitates cross-border transactions, optimizes record-keeping with DLT, supports law enforcement requirements, and enhances connectivity in a multi-custodian setup.

DLT Register


Our system, tailored for financial institutions, combines a multi-layered security architecture with Advanced MPC for high-performance cryptographic key management, scalable transaction features, flexible account management, and seamless integration.



Build simple APIs with you in mind

iVE.ONE connects 

Our trading workflows encompass the initiation and execution of trades, the crucial phases of validating and enriching transaction details, settling asset transfers, and the meticulous reconciliation of records to identify and rectify any discrepancies, collectively ensuring a seamless and compliant process throughout the entire trading lifecycle.


Trading Workflows

Series of processes aimed at effectively managing accounts and users, provide financial institutions with access of data up- and downstream to their reporting systems, and handling events affecting digital assets that are crucial aspects throughout the entire business workflow.


Business Workflows

Administrative stages in managing and handling tokenized assets, from initiation to disposition ensuring a comprehensive and compliant framework throughout their lifecycle. This structured process facilitates transparency, efficient operations, and adherence to regulatory requirements.




Our workflows encompass features like asset transfers, receiving assets, and blocking and holding mechanisms, ensuring comprehensive custodial services with a focus on continuous improvement through client feedback and technological upgrades.


Custodian Workflows

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i'VE.ONE Team

Phong Dao

CEO & Co-founder

Evgeny Matershev

CPO & Co-founder

Michael Reuther

Advisory Board

Arne Laarveld

Advisory Board

Thomas Heck

Advisory Board

Nikolaus Giesbert

Advisory Board

Georg Hauer

Advisory Board

Andy Baynes

Advisory Board

Christian Busch

Advisory Board

Aida Lim Binti Abdullah

Partner Malaysia

Ryan Liew

Partner Malaysia

Fritz Milosevic

Partner South Africa

We collaborate with individuals possessing superior expertise and capabilities

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