Build Your Own Marketplace For Digital ArtReal EstateFunds

iVE.ONE creates whitelabeled marketplaces for digital assets. Covering both, design and technical implementation for your needs.

Simple registration for your investors

Customize the process of user registration and their onboarding.

Let your customers pay with methods they prefer

Our technology offers you multiple payment methods, such as cryptocurrency, credit card, and others.

Our offerings

We create your own marketplace for all your tokenized offerings. You can adjust almost everything to your needs.


You can use our licences, processes and reportings to operate your own platform in a compliant and regulated way.

Since only blockchain-based assets can be listed on the marketplace, we take care of converting your assets to digital tokens.

We provide you with your own management portal where you can monitor and mange your projects, transactions and investors.

Our solutions provides a built-in regulated custodian service so you and your investors don’t need to handle crypto keys at any time.

With our platform your can create secondary market for your investors so that they can invest in more liquid assets.

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