Virtual stock option plan

Ready-to-use platform for digital equity management

Attract qualified employees and provide an incentive for better performance. iVE.ONE creates your own reward management system based on blockchain technology. From onboarding to signatures, everything is digital.

virtual shares platform
Unified platform

One system for all your stakeholders

Create your own equity system with all the tools provided - vesting schedules, share issuance as digital tokens, company updates, and data tracking. Studies show that employee stock plans boost company performance and motivate employees to get engaged with your business.

Share relevant documentation

Upload company reports, sales figures, and any other relevant documents for your employees and stakeholders. No paperwork needed.

Prebuilt VSOP documents

Use our contract template designed for virtual employee stock option plans on blockchain. Save time, costs and nerves on building your own.

Easily on- and off-board users

Take advantage of our integrated onboarding system, including identification, digital signature, and more. You can manage accounts from users around the globe.

employee onboarding for vsop
More transparency for your employees

Provide your employees with a platform that enables them to track the status and value of their virtual shares - get them engaged in the company success.

Why virtual stocks

A better way to let employees participate in the company success

Low in complexity and legal hurdles

Virtual stock option plan (VSOP) is significantly lower in complexity and legal hurdles than other share plans. Save your company time and costs with easy setup, legal document, and various features that help you navigate easily.

Digital innovation

Create your own paperless reward management system on blockchain. Your employees and stakeholders can join the platform from anywhere in the world - from onboarding to signatures, everything is digital.

Win talent and incentivize employees

Virtual shares are growing in popularity among European companies. Attract experts and boost your team's performance while staying liquid. Startups across Europe are using our VSOP system.

A brief guide to VSOP

Learn more about VSOP

Why VSOP? Issuing virtual shares boosts your company performance and gains better results from employees and other stakeholders. Learn more about virtual share plan, how it works and what you need to get started.

STarting with vsop

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