Build your own marketplace for
NFT Digital Art real estate funds

Open your own marketplace for tokenized assets and build a new digital business model. We create a platform in your corporate identity that unifies technical implementation, design, and legal structures.

Differentiate your marketplace

Build better digital assets for your customers

With the iVE.ONE whitelabel marketplace for tokenized assets, you don't have to negotiate blockchain protocols or custody providers from various parties. Our ready-to-use solution includes all the components needed to launch a digital asset experience in days.

Create your own token

Unlock new opportunities - security tokens, non-fungible tokens (NFT) or other types. iVE.ONE converts your asset into a token that you can offer to investors over your marketplace.

Add built-in custody services

Choose the right service for your business - a licensed or multi-party computation (MPC) custodian that reflects your specific customer's needs.

Launch your own marketplace

Create your own marketplace for tokenized assets with your logo and corporate identity. By simply optimising the design of your marketplace, you can increase the conversion rate for tokenized offerings by 35%.

Reliable user identificiation

Use our built-in customizable identification and KYC solutions to make user onboarding easy, simple and secure, and always compliant with local requirements and regulations.

user identification
Innovation-first approach

Grow your business

The possibilities of tokenization are limitless

Make tokenized assets a part of your offering. Whether you want to drive growth, increase revenue, win new clients or add innovation, iVE.ONE is the fastest way to join this exciting journey into the digital asset world.


Leverage blockchain technology to convert smaller ownership rights of a particular asset into a digital token and lower the threshold barrier for investments. Tokenization democratizes the market and offers accessibility to all investor groups.

Win new customers

Whitelabel marketplaces for tokenized assets gives you a competitive advantage. They offer exciting new opportunities to add assets for your existing customers and attract new ones.

Better transparency

Blockchain allows corporates to prevent data fraud and manipulation due to its unique verfication method of immutability. It has become the perfect infrastructure to document ownership of securities in a transparent way.


Digital tokens are easily transferable thanks to the technical advantage of blockchain. Former illiquid assets can be transferred globally and in a compliant way with iVE.ONE's integrated legal framework.

Stay informed

Learn more about tokenization

Corporates are launching new offerings and experiences with the tokenization-as-a-service (TaaS) solution from iVE.ONE and their digital asset partners. Learn more about tokenization through the example of real estate.

Real estate

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