Digital Asset Infrastructure for
Financial Institutions

Unlock the power of blockchain banking and enable your customers to buy and sell digital assets by integrating our infrastructure directly into yours.

digital infrastructure for banks
We have partnered with top notch tech & finance companies
digitales hessen distral

What our Digital Asset Infrastructure offers you

tokenization basics

Issue any traditional asset as a token and use our crypto securities register that complies with the BaFin. We help you with token creation, issuance & investor onboarding by providing a fully featured and custom platform. marketplace

Enhance your portfolio and offer your customers a platform to buy and sell cryptocurrencies over various exchanges. The platform can be integrated via our API with optional whitelabel solution.

whitelabel offering for real estate

Offer your customers over a simple button a great way to earn periodical rewards or maximize their holdings by staking tokens that would otherwise be sitting on their crypto accounts.

integrated kyc

Under the eWPG, you can decide to issue securities electronically. iVE.ONE has the preliminary approval to provide crypto securities register service to its clients.

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