Product Update The iVE.ONE investment platform

Product updates
Sep 24

Since we started developing and perfecting our investment platform, many things have changed, and the platform wasn’t always as pretty as it is today. For our very first product update, we’ll take you back in time and let you see the evolution of the iVE.ONE investment portal for yourself.

As you can see, the first drafts for our investment platform looked quite rough and nothing like the platform we know and love today. Even our logo looked wildly different.



The first dashboard design was a bit colorful and quite all over the place and although we kept some details, the new dashboard looks cleaner, keener and a lot leaner.

With the addition of WeStyle and their shares to our platform, the investment portal will gain additional functionalities, like completely digital shareholder meetings and additional info, so stay tuned for the next product updates!

Wallet menu

The old portal still had a wallet menu where you could see and manage all your wallets. While this might sound like a good idea, we’ve had a lot of testers tell us they had no idea what to do here and that they didn’t enjoy the technical aspect of it. As iVE.ONE strives to maximize ease-of-use, investors shouldn’t have to bother with wallet addresses or any of the underlying blockchain technology. Since we’ve automated wallet creation for all users and partnered with regulatory compliant wallet provider and custodian Tangany, the wallet page has become obsolete.

Identity verification

Identity verification and KYC checks are a legal requirement and are still part of our portal, except that we’ve sped the whole process up and integrated it into the onboarding process, thanks to our partnerships with IDnow and PostIdent.

As all of our investors know, the new KYC process takes just a couple minutes and you can choose whether you’d like to do it online - from the comfort of your own home, or offline – with a quick walk to the post office.

The not so visible changes

Meanwhile, invisible to users, we’ve also finished the full integration of EOS, meaning issuers and investors now profit from our dual blockchain solution, providing flexibility and providing independence from the currently very high Ethereum gas prices.

Closing remarks

Not only our products, but all of iVE.ONE has changed since the first version of our portal – New employees, a new investor, and a new office.

Product updates are a recurring feature, so stay tuned for the next one!

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