iVE.ONE Teams up with Tangany for Seamless Custodial Wallet Integration

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Sep 16

Frankfurt and Munich, 12/05/2020 – The regulated issuance and investment platform iVE.ONE by Agora Innovation fully integrates Tangany, a wallet-as-a-service provider, and well-established crypto wallet provider with over 15.000 wallets in their custody to create a seamless and better ecosystem for digital securities.

iVE.ONE is a global platform where investors meet issuers to fund their projects through compliant digital securities, enabled by blockchain technology. iVE.ONE not only guarantees compliance with regulations but also aims to maximize ease-of-use for its customers with a full integration of Tangany.

“Our mission and ambition must be to simplify the investment process for digital assets in such a way that customers have the feeling of buying digital securities as they do today. If someone is familiar with online banking, they can also purchase digital securities without any blockchain knowledge”, Agora CEO and Co-Founder Phong Dao said. “With Tangany we have a technology partner that is flexible and trustworthy to enhance our technology and mature the space of digital securities” Dao added.

Tangany and iVE.ONE are teaming up globally, but the partnership is especially important for the German market. Tangany is one of the few companies that are aligned with the requirements in terms of 5th Anti-Money-Laundering Act and are eligible to offer such a custody service which is often referred to as the ‘crypto custody license’ in Germany.

“We strongly believe in our white-label approach for our customers and love that Agora Innovation has taken the same approach with iVE.ONE to offer a great and functional solution to their customers. Our two products perfectly fit together which makes it a great partnership for us” said CEO of Tangany Martin Kreitmair. He further adds “We are focused on custody service in the crypto market for digital assets and we steadily aim to find partners that are looking for such a specialized service. We want to create great products by contributing our expertise rather than trying to build the whole vertical ourselves.”

The two German based startups originally met through one of their investors: The High-Tech-Gründerfonds – a seed investor that finances high-potential, tech-driven start-ups.

About iVE.ONE by Agora Innovation

iVE.ONE is a global investment and issuance platform for compliant digital securities on blockchain. With this solution, companies, who were previously only active in private markets, can now act on the capital markets through tokenization and expand their investors’ portfolios without the need of technical experience in a regulated framework. To create this framework the platform combines various national regulatory requirements with the blockchain to protect companies from money laundering and sanction risks. All market participants in the field of digital securities, such as issuers, investors, stock exchanges and others, can this way strictly comply with local and global regulations and have full control over their assets.

About Tangany

Tangany GmbH offers a reliable custody solution for digital assets on blockchain. The products are highly scalable, 100% white-label and specialized into custody for crypto assets. The founding team, consisting of the successful intrapreneurs Martin Kreitmair, Christopher Zapf and Alexey Utin, was supported in 2018 by the EXIST grant in the field of deep-tech and received their seed investment in 2020 by HTGF and three more investors. Tangany follows the requirements in accordance with the 5th AML regulation and KWG. The company addresses B2B customers across the EU and beyond who want to work with blockchain.

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