Wealth Management

Wealth management is the provision of long-term professional investment advice and asset management services to high net worth individuals.

While asset managers classically offer their own or third-party financial products and manage the financial assets of their clients (mandates), wealth managers actively support their clients in planning and achieving their wealth goals, taking into account their personal, professional and tax situation. As a result, wealth managers generally offer a more comprehensive service and take a more holistic and institutional approach.

However, there is disagreement in literature about the minimum investment volume. While for some, private banking starts with a minimum threshold of less than €100,000 in disposable assets, and asset or wealth management is often targeted at the super-rich or "ultra-high net worth individuals", others see it the other way around: According to them, individual private banking is reserved for the super-rich, while wealth management is a broad category that deals with the optimization of financial portfolios taking into account the available liquid capital as well as the expected return and the risk appetite - with the aim of realizing the customers' financial (savings) plans.

Similar terms

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Asset management is the professional creation and management of financial portfolios by asset managers.

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Bionic Advisory

Bionic Advisory is a type of financial advisory and wealth management that has been gaining popularity in Asia and North America for several years. It relies on hybrid advisory approaches, next-gen technologies and evolutionary algorithms