Private Banking

Private banking consists of the personal service provided by a financial institution to a wealthy client.

It differs from asset management. Generally, private banking services include activities ranging from credit business and asset management to capital market business and investment banking. Contrary to classical asset management, private banking does not necessarily have to include investments in values (assets). Indeed, in some cases private banking advisors are also exclusively active in an advisory capacity according to § 34F (IHK) but are not involved in actual investment processes according to § 32 KWG.

In the “Kundenwert im Privat Banking” (2007) Dr. Bettina Howlad explains the private banking in four phases:  

  1. Acquisition & Advisory: potential customers are identified, approached, acquired, and advised.  
  1. Investment: the bank's portfolio and advisory services are implemented.
  1. Settlement: financial transactions are executed.  
  1. Controlling: the performance of the financial products is monitored and, if necessary, adjusted or optimized.