Digital Asset

Digital assets comprise digital representations of values that are accepted by individuals or legal entities as a means of exchange or payment, and/or serve investment purposes. Digital assets can be transferred, stored and traded electronically – e.g. via a blockchain.

The prerequisite for digital assets is that they are neither issued nor guaranteed by a public body (e.g. central bank), nor do they have the legal status of money in the sense of a currency. In this case, one speaks of e-money or cryptocurrencies.

Similar terms

Asset Management

Asset management is the professional creation and management of financial portfolios by asset managers.

Wealth Management

Wealth management is the provision of long-term professional investment advice and asset management services to high net worth individuals.

Security Token

A security token (also "equity token" or "investment token") is a cryptographic token that is tied to a value or security.

Digital Securities

Digital securities, also known as Security Token are blockchain-based representations of a security.