Give your Employees an Incentive for Better Performance

Our ready-to-use VESOP platform makes it easy to manage employee equity. Quick setup, onboarding, share vesting, and more.

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We have partnered with top notch tech & finance companies

Motivate your employees to participate in your company growth with virtual stock option plan

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Virtual shares are becoming common practice in European startups. Attract qualified employees and provide an incentive for better performance while staying liquid.

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iVE.ONE creates your own paperless reward management system based on blockchain technology. From onboarding to signatures, everything is digital.

tokenization services for institutions

Virtual shares are significantly lower in complexity and legal hurdles than traditional share plans. Save time and costs with our easy setup and pre-made legal document.

VESOP Offering for Startups

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Create your own VESOP management platform based on blockchain technology. Issue virtual shares, invite new employees, and more. marketplace

Use our contract template designed for virtual employee stock options and save resources on legal costs.

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Share documents that are relevant to your employees and stakeholders, such as annual company or sales reports.

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Utilise our VESOP management platform to invite outside stakeholders, such as advisors or other community members.

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Provide your employees with a dashboard so they can track the status and value of their virtual shares, and company growth.

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Take advantage of our integrated onboarding, including identification, process of KYC, digital signature, and more.

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