Asset Management Platform for Cryptocurrencies

Offer your investors easy access to the new digital
asset class.

digital infrastructure for banks
We have partnered with top notch tech & finance companies

Product Features

tokenization basics

Strategy for investors

Create strategies for your investors with the option to easily re-balance accounts. marketplace

Multiple exchanges

Choose your preferred exchange for best execution price.

whitelabel offering for real estate

Secure investor onboarding

Benefit from our integrated onboarding process for your investors with compliance, KYC/KYB and managed accounts.

integrated kyc

Staking & Lending

Gain additional rewards with our staking services. Provide your investors a predictable stream of income via lending.

asset management dashboard on

Data-based reporting

Create custom reports for institutional investors based on real-time market data.

digital token marketing

Order types

Choose between limit and market orders during the buying & selling processes.

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