Digital Asset Infrastructure

BuilD your digital asset business

iVE.ONE gives corporates access to the best digital asset infrastructure. Whether you are an established business or just exploring possibilities, you can extend your service by embedding digital asset offering.

10x faster to market

Empower your business with scalable digital asset API

Our infrastructure is designed to easily plug-and-play digital asset services tailored to your customers with more flexibility than traditional providers. It's designed to improve market entrance for corporates without adjusting their technical core, so that they can focus on building the next financial service era.


Crypto exchanges

Our features allow users to request quotes from various exchanges and access more than 100 cryptocurrencies. This transparency gives them more confidence to build products for their customers.

crypto exchanges


Businesses can replace traditional financial securities such as stocks, bonds, and other real world assets for digital tokens. Issue and manage your digital tokens with the iVE.ONE whitelabel marketplaces.

dai tokenization

Digital depot

Dealing with money and digital assets - whether for private customers or corporates - always involves trust. We only partner with licensed custody services to provide banking-grade technical security for digital assets.


Decentralized Finance

Be ready to integrate new technologies in the field of digital assets at any time and keep up with constant developments. Enable your business to offer higher interest, money lending, insurance purchase or derivates trading on blockchain.

DAI Defi

A toolbox for corporates

Digital assets can be integrated with our flexible and easy-to-use APIs. Explore all the possibilities that we offer for launching a crypto project or a digital token while fulfilling all your regulatory and business requirements.

One-stop terminal for digital assets

iVE.ONE nucleus provides the relevant digital asset technology

Manage transactions

Get an overview of all blockchain transactions, even with an omnibus account or over multiple vaults.

Connect identity & accounts

Build trust among users or third-party providers by connecting accounts with blockchain technology.

Pre-built smart contracts

Utilize our audited smart contracts anytime with the right blockchain-based use-cases (e.g. Polygon, ERC, etc).

Intelligent workflows

Integrate programmable business processes based on lifecycle events like clearing, settlement, payments, and distribution.

Developer-friendly solution

LEarn more about our apis

Create the best experience with a quick and secure approach for your customers wealth. With our digital asset infrastructure and inituitive API, you can cover their exact needs like crypto trading, custody, and business processes. Get startetd without significant upfront investments.

Our apis api
Scale your business

The fastest way for your business to become a financial innovator

As your tech provider, iVE.ONE supports you all the way with creating digital asset service offerings that drive your business. You can focus on creating tailored digital experiences for your customers, while we take care of the tech side or negotiating with partners.

Offer a range of digital asset modules

iVE.ONE enables you to build the best services you need with one platform - whether for crypto trading, custodian, staking, lending, bank accounts, or other services.

Differentiate your platform

Offer digital asset services to accelerate growth and revenue. iVE.ONE's pre-built flows and APIs make it easy to help your customer base grow faster.

Grow and scale together

iVE.ONE enables the offering of digital assets for all businesses, including large financial institutions. Our reliable infrastructure makes it easy to scale with kubernetes.

Optimized compliance

Set up your customers for investments in minutes, not days. iVE.ONE onboarding is flexible, connecting with your platform and verifying identifications to meet local KYC requirements.