Ta3meed is one of the leading and largest crowdfunding platforms in Saudi Arabia. It supports SME businesses in Saudi Arabia with financing possibilities as well as investment opportunities for private and institutional investors. As a regulated financing platform, Ta3meed was looking to add new digital asset class to their business model and therefore decided to partner with iVE.ONE.

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Being an innovative financing platform, Tameed wanted to explore new opportunities in asset tokenization and therefore was looking to create the first regulated whitelabel marketplace for tokenized real estate and equity with a functioning secondary market. For this project, the company was looking for a reliable partner with deep technical knowledge and digital asset know-how to finalize such a project. A major requirement was to find a provider who could support various use cases simultaneously - from crypto trading to tokenization.


Tameed chose iVE.ONE digital asset infrastructure and whitelabel marketplace for tokenized assets due to their experience in the area of tokenization and crypto trading. iVE.ONE used their digital asset modules for the setup and connected them to the local regulation, so that the finished offering is compliant with the regulation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Leveraging the iVE.ONE technology, Tameed was able to create the first regulated marketplace for tokenized assets and crypto trading for the KSA market. In partnership with iVE.ONE that handled all the technical requirements and necessary configurations, Tameed was able to sign pre-contracts with over seven clients.

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