StegX is a recently-launched innovative platform that brings together institutional investors with professional real estate managers. With iVE.ONE as its digital asset technology provider, StegX launched a whitelabel marketplace for tokenized assets that gives investors the option to buy into both traditional and digital real estate projects.

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The traditional method of buying and selling real estate is a tedious one, high in complexity and resource demand. Because physical assets are high in cost, investing in them is usually reserved to large institutional investors. Tokenization opens possibilities to a wider audience. StegX wanted to implement a platform similar to Shopify that makes real estate investing fully digital, fast and convenient.


With iVE.ONE, StegX built a real estate marketplace that connected professional investors with asset managers. The offered investments on the platform are tokenized and the custody is done via a fully-licensed German company. The setup of the marketplace was complimented by an entirely digital onboarding process for investors. In addition to these features, the platform is designed to present the StegX brand and is as easy to use as a modern digital shop.


The result of this project is a marketplace for tokenized real estate that offers a great experience to its customers. All the processes are digital, fast, and secure. Investors of all sizes can find the best real estate opportunities while professional asset managers can use the platform as another distribution channel. Additionally, StegX can oversee token sales, investors and asset managers in real time with their respective AuMs and KPIs.

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