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NXT Boardroom is a business community and the creator of an exclusive networking space reserved to executives and entrepreneurs who are looking to collaborate on projects and expand their network. NXT was looking to add value to its stakeholders by distributing virtual shares, fostering their growing community, building trust and saying thank you to their supporters. Choosing iVE.ONE as its partner, NXT was able to set up a virtual stock option plan (VSOP) and implement other digital asset projects.

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NXT was looking to add even more value to its members to further cultivate its community, support existing and incentivize new members. In order to increase membership engagement in the community, NXT wanted to let its members participate in the company's success via virtual shares.


Together with iVE.ONE, NXT Boardroom decided to create a virtual employee share plan (VSOP). The associated tokens, which iVE.ONE minted on the blockchain, are representing stakes in the community. NXT wanted the possibility to have a transparent overview of all its community members at any time. With features like vesting schedules, on- and off-boarding of members, and digital signatures, the process for both, NXT Boardroom and its members became simple without special tech requirements from any side.


NXT set up a blockchain-based membership program which incentivizes its clients to do more business and network more with each other. The platform built was intuitive and didn't require tech and blockchain knowledge, making the process easy and enjoyable for NXT and its community.

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