Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is involved in a variety of digital ventures and is developing solutions in the digital asset space. For their project, BCG wanted to demonstrate the capabilities of the metaverse as a medium to form business connections.

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The metaverse is a trending topic but its full potential as a medium for future collaboration between individuals and organizations has not yet been fully explored. While it’s possible to imagine various use cases, the most applicable business case strongly depends on the specific industry. Collaborating with iVE.ONE, BCG wanted to explore the possibilities of the metaverse within the financial services industry.


By partnering with iVE.ONE, BCG was looking to add to its knowledge of blockchain and Web3 in order to realize its vision of an innovastive use case in the professional lending space. BCG leveraged iVE.ONE’s expertise and platform to show how multiple parties can come together in the metaverse to jointly invest in a syndicated loan. All the important metrics for an individual investment, such as volume, were made configurable within the metaverse.


In a first-of-its-kind project, BCG and iVE.ONE demonstrated the collaborative power of the metaverse. Initially shown to global leaders within the consultancy, the innovative, future-oriented technology by iVE.ONE will now be utilized by BCG client projects worldwide.

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