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Since its launch in 2017, Auto1 FT has established itself as the leading platform for innovative financial solutions in the international car trade on the European market. Their business model enables faster settlements and more cost-effective transactions with lucrative interest rate structures. With iVE.ONE as its tokenization partner, Auto1 FT issued the first security token of its kind in the German automotive credit space.

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The automotive powerhouse Auto1 FT was looking for a tech provider to help scale and finance their strong business growth. Because of the digital nature of their business, they wanted a partner with an efficient, digital start-to-finish solution for the financing process. Turning to digital securities was a natural step. Auto1 FT was searching for a company with extensive blockchain know-how and which could provide them with a tokenization infrastructure to launch their project.


Auto1 FT partnered with iVE.ONE to offer their customers a transparent, secure, and easy way to invest in their bond. The resulting single asset page tokenization solution included a digital onboarding process for customers, digital signature and integrated identity verification as well as compliant custody services. With these specifications, iVE.ONE was able to create a tokenization platform that met Auto1 FT’s needs, including a customized frontend interface and a smooth token purchase process that let investors buy and sell their tokens with a push of a button.


Within a short period of time, iVE.ONE enabled Auto1 FT to issue its digital bond and start the investment offering. In addition to token purchase and investor onboarding, Auto1 FT had a real-time overview of its project and investors and was able to manage the issuance process simply, without any blockchain or technical knowledge.

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