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Whitelabel Marketplaces (WLM) for Tokenized Assets

In this mini-series of videos, we give insights into our most in-demand product: Whitelabel Marketplace for Tokenized Assets. From setup to the launch, it only takes minutes to start your digital asset journey. For more information, also visit our tokenization page.

Why should companies tokenize their assets in 2023?
Despite turbulences on the crypto market, we've noticed a growing interest in our tokenization service from companies and financial institutions worldwide and the trend is predicted to grow further this year. Corporations are getting more and more involved into blockchain technology, but don't have sufficient in-house know-how to invest in extensive setup or launch of digital assets. With iVE.ONE as its technology provider, companies can benefit from modern tech stack with all the necessary licenses and a parter network they can trust - from Coinbase to PwC, iVE.ONE covers it all.

Tokenization offers a range of advantages, including:
Liquidity: In particular for asset classes that are notoriously illiquid, such as real estate, tokenization can be a great solution as it allows to transfer ownership directly.
Fractional ownhership: Previously reserved only to large institutional investors, tokenization opens the market to other investor groups allowing them to participate with smaller ticket sizes.
Transparency and security: Since tokenization is happening on blockchain which is decentralized, the data stored is secure and investors are provided with full transparency as well as a proof of ownerhsip.

Whitelabel Marketplace (WLM) for tokenized assets offers the best experience for digital assets:

Marketplace setup: To start configuring a new marketplace, simply choose a template for various industries provided by iVE.ONE or create your own experience.

Part II

Project setup: Once your marketplace is created, it's time to start your first project - real estate, art, logistics, or any other project - and design it in your corporate identity.

Part III

Project management: From the dashboard, it is possible to view and edit your projects or change marketplace structure.

Part IV

Add new assets and get a general overview: Choose which assets you want to display on your marketplace and keep track of all the transactions and investors.

Part V

Go live: Check whether the platform is mobile-friendly and all the functions work smoothly and press the button. Your marketplace is now live and ready!