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iVE.ONE is now a member of the Association of German Banks (BdB)

iVE.ONE is now a member of the Association of German Banks (BdB), a leading trade association that represents the interests of private banks and acts as a mediator between the private banking industry, policymakers, consumers, and the business sector. In addition, BdB is also expanding its portfolio of Fintechs as special members. The idea behind this initiative is to bring closer the banking sector with the Fintech world and create opportunities for both sides. iVE.ONE joined BdB in January 2023.

As a member of BdB, iVE.ONE aims to explore potential partnerships within the association as well as improve its product to make it an even better fit for the banking sector. iVE.ONE has launched its Digital Asset Infrastructure (DAI) in 2021 and has since implemented the solution with a major German bank.

iVE.ONE Digital Asset Infrastructure (DAI)

Traditional banks are notoriously slow on innovation, digital assets and that’s where iVE.ONE comes in. By using DAI, banks and corporate institutions can benefit from iVE.ONE’s extensive knowledge of blockchain products and digital assets, as well as have a trusted technology partner in Germany. Members of BdB can explore digital asset modules to be at the forefront of innovation without the need to develop solutions for tokenization, crypto, defi or Web3 themselves.