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PART III: Interview with our CTO & Co-Founder Robert Malec

Robert Malec, CTO & Co-Founder of iVE.ONE, talks about the technologies behind the Digital Infrastructure we are using.

How is iVE.ONE infrastructure going to benefit banks (and end users?)? 
For integration into customer-specific software, we offer a large number of interfaces in APIs structured according to requirements. For example, the actual tokenization can be completely controlled via Rest-API, the same applies to onboarding or compliance monitoring. The investor portal is multi-client capable via a whitelable solution, customizable via configuration and can be seamlessly integrated into customer portals. It is important to our customers from the banking environment to ensure not only a robust security architecture but also an implementation of BAIT and MaRisk requirements - that is what we do.
We are launching a mini-series on technologies we're using from our CTO & Co-founder Robert to help you get a better understanding of our eco-system.
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