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PART II: Interview with our CTO & Co-Founder Robert Malec

Robert Malec, CTO & Co-Founder of iVE.ONE, talks about the technologies behind the Digital Infrastructure we are using.

Do the applications run in a cloud?
Yes, we consistently rely on a cloud based solution, all our platforms run in an AWS cloud. This offers many advantages, such as easy integration of monitoring, security mechanisms, automatical backups, failover systems - of course, in addition to the dynamic extensibility of the containers.
What are future tech stacks? 
We want to push the cloud strategy further, are currently working on migrating the systems to a Kubernetes based environment. This increases portability if an alternative cloud technology is preferred by a customer. Amazon also provides a suitable container for our Corda blockchain solution. Our CI is to be moved from Jenkins to Gitlab.
We are launching a mini-series on technologies we're using from our CTO & Co-founder Robert to help you get a better understanding of our eco-system.
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Part III of the interview with Robert Malec.