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PART I: Interview with our CTO & Co-Founder Robert Malec

Robert Malec, CTO & Co-Founder of iVE.ONE, talks about the technologies behind the Digital Infrastructure we are using.

What technologies is the iVE.ONE Infrastructure using? 
Our solution abstracts from the underlying blockchain protocols, currently we have 3 technologies in productive use: of course we have integrated solutions based on Ethereum, we map the same functionality to EOS, but we also use Corda R3 for custom requirements.
Our portals were developed with React, on the backend side use a traditional Java approach with Spring and Hibernate. We can link this hybrid solution well via Rest.
For workflow control we use Camunda bpmn engine, as RuleEngine Drools.
Why a hybrid solution?
On the frontend it is standard to use a javascript based approach, allows fast development with a clean architecture. Java on the backend is defacto standard in the financial industry and offers a wide range of tools and frameworks that include diverse support for partiall areas.
 We are launching a mini-series on technologies we're using from our CTO & Co-founder Robert to help you get a better understanding of our eco-system.
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