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How does iVE.ONE meet today's market needs?

Today, Phong Dao, CEO and co-founder of iVE.ONE, explains how iVE.ONE provides the most accurate solutions for today’s market needs and gives you a sneak peek at one of our potential projects this year.

Main points :

• iVE.ONE, your fintech partner to access to cryptocurrencies or tokenized assets
• Simple and easy implementation of digital asset infrastructure for financial institutions and corporates
• iVE.ONE receives preliminary BaFin approval for crypto securities register

Why do customers choose iVE.ONE as their partner?

Generally, I would give three main reasons why clients choose us as their partner:

Firstly, we provide companies with expertise in blockchain, digital assets, and DLT. Our iVE.ONE digital asset infrastructure (DAI) is all-round solution that covers a range of services, from asset tokenization to crypto trading for financial institutions. With DAI, businesses can achieve faster time-to-market and offer their customers access to tokenized assets or cryptocurrencies.

Secondly, choosing us as a partner, means sharing common vision, values, and spirit. As a fintech we understand the challenges of implementing blockchain-based product into an existing system and we have years of experience in this field, so we can move quickly. Our main objective is always to simplify customers’ lives.

Finally, we value our partners’ feedback and encourage open communication. We are always looking of ways to grow together in the digital asset space and love to share our product and insights with customers and business partners.

What is the USP of Digital Asset Infrastructure (DAI)?

Since 2017 we have been continuously developing iVE.ONE to offer the best infrastructure for financial institutions and enterprises. One key point of this process was customer feedback. We used it to develop an integration approach that can be implemented by our customers without much effort.

If a company has an IT department, they can easily use our state-of-the-art API. If not, they can dock directly via our white-label frontend solution as a web browser or app. Sounds simple, doesn't it?

Another aspect is security. We, founders, have more than 40 years of experience in a wide range of banking and IT projects, so our infrastructure has the highest standard of security mechanisms and a bank-like architecture, only more flexible and faster. This way, customers can focus on their core business and we take care of the rest.

Curious about our digital asset infrastructure? Find out more.

What’s next for iVE.ONE?

From my point of view, the coming months will be very exciting with the further development of the eWpG. One of the important steps is that we have preliminary permission to run the crypto securities registry.

This will allow us to serve our customers in a more regulated environment in future. We will also increasingly build further products and functionalities in the DeFi area, so that our B2B clients can participate in new developments in the digital asset space without major hurdles, as is the case now.

Last year, while the crypto world experienced incredible momentum, institutional investors have also started to view digital assets as a distinct asset class. At the heart of this movement, iVE.ONE continues to expand, developing exciting projects with leading partners, and launching new products that meet the growing demands of the market.