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Global Real Estate Tokenization MIPIM 2023

We attended the world’s leading event for the real estate market, MIPIM 2023. It was a fabulous success, with over 20,000 attendees from more than 80 countries gathering, exchanging ideas and networking in Cannes, France.

What were the topics of the event?

  • MIPIM 2023 explored the latest challenges and prospects in the industry, innovative change and the global players who help shaping the future.
  • Evgeny Matershev from iVE.ONE has presented our tokenization platform for real estate
  • Digitalization was one of the main topics of the event

The iVE.ONE Co-founder and CPO Evgeny Matershev presented the white-label marketplace solution for real estate assets on blockchain. The attendees at MIPIM 2023 were a mixed group representing various real estate sectors from different countries. Many executive-level representatives attended with a strong presence from Germany and the MENA region, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Dubai. The event was an excellent opportunity for developers, asset managers, investors, architects, and others to communicate and network.

Evgeny's takeaway: "The real estate sector is vibrant and communicative, despite the current economic situation and rise of interest rates. Digitalisation and blockchain solutions are slowly making their way into the traditional industry & digital assets can create a welcoming and needed boost in turbulent times."