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First Security Token of the Shipping Company Vogemann Group Pays out Fixed Interest of 8% p.a.

First security token of the shipping company Vogemann Group pays out fixed interest of 8% p.a.
Frankfurt am Main, 15.01.2022, Hamburg-based shipping company H. Vogemann officially pays an interest rate of 8% to token holders of the Green Ship Token issued with iVE.ONE, the leading tokenization platform.

In July 2020, the shipping company H. Vogemann debuted a new type of financing using blockchain-based Green Ship Tokens to expand its fleet of bulk carriers. The securities prospectus was approved by the FMA (Financial Market Authority) Liechtenstein for institutional and retail investors, and the technical tokenization platform was provided by iVE.ONE.  

The Green Ship Token brings together environmental protection and investment opportunities in the best way. Compared to the overall economic situation with high inflation and negative interest rates, the Green Ship Token clearly shows that security tokens can be an alternative investment for private investors.  

Success story for security tokens

"This is a success story for Security Tokens. It is the first time token holders have received an 8% interest rate in fiat money. The Vogemann Green Ship Token was one of our first projects and since then we have added new product features to our digital asset infrastructure to become the world's most usable platform," said Phong Dao, CEO of iVE.ONE.  

"The market is still evolving, with the regulatory landscape in Germany moving in the right direction. We are seeing higher demand for tokenized projects and have signed projects with companies that have a total of 150+ billion assets under management," he added.

Read an interview on the Green Ship Token Deal with Phong Dao in the Börsenzeitung.

About iVE.ONE

Agora Innovation's iVE.ONE is a digital asset infrastructure for companies of all sizes and industries - from financial institutions to corporations - that use iVE.ONE's platform and APIs to leverage cryptocurrencies, tokenization, DeFi and Web3 for their business. iVE.ONE is funded by C3 Management GmbH, High-Tech Gründerfonds, tokentus Investment AG and CV VC AG.

About Vogemann

The shipping group H. Vogemann, Hamburg, was founded in 1886 and specializes in the business of bulk transport in all facets. The business model is based on three independent, solid pillars on which the owner-managed companies occupy a unique position worldwide: The brokerage, shipping and service companies. Through decades of experience, Vogemann combines intensive, global contacts to industry, trade and production with historically grown, worldwide relationships with shipping companies.