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Digital Asset Infrastructure (DAI) for Financial Institutions

Why choose iVE.ONE as a technology provider?
  • Become a financial innovator with digital asset modules and reach new customer groups
  • Scale up while reducing costs with our plug-and-play approach for fast and secure integration into the digital asset eco-system
  • Be at the forefront of the digital asset industry by adding new features - for example DeFi or Web3 - without investing extensive resources into the development yourself.

DAI Part I

Create a new project: In this part you can choose a service solution, e.g. cryptocurrency service. From there, you can select the modules you need, e.g. exchanges, custodians etc. . Finally, select the assets you want to provide to your customers, e.g. cryptocurrency


After the project is created, you can oversee asset performance, users, accounts, and workflows from the management dashboard and make changes as they're needed.

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