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BZ Interview: In conversation with Phong Dao

The CEO and Co-Founder of iVE.ONE, Phong Dao, sat down with the Börsen-Zeitung to talk about recent Vogemann Green Ship token news, developments on the market, and the iVE.ONE digital asset infrastructure. Read the original version (in German).

"We need to cooperate more"

Fintech iVE.ONE has launched a security token for green ship financing with shipping company H. Vogemann. This yielded its first return in 2022.

While prices on the crypto market are under pressure, digital asset solutions are increasingly spreading in the real economy. This is also the case in the market for ship loans, where the Hamburg-based shipping company H. Vogemann has launched green financing tokens in cooperation with the fintech iVE.ONE. On the digital securities in the form of uncertificated, subordinated profit participation rights, which were launched in July 2020, investors receive an interest rate of 8% per annum as well as a variable profit participation. Such a yield payment was due for the first time in October. Read the full interview (in German) or contact us to get the full version.