Asset Management Platform (AMP)

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iVE.ONE AMP is a cloud-based crypto platform for investment professionals who handle client funds. Start trading crypto portfolios, creating strategies, and explore decentralized finance via multiple venues.

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Portfolio overview

Set up portfolio for your customers

Start a compliant onboarding of your customers in minutes and assign proven default digital asset strategies to them. With our dashboard, you get an overview of a portfolio value, strategies, and allocation details.

Crypto strategies

Create your own strategy and assign it to your customers

Combine multiple digital assets, e.g. cryptocurrencies or tokenized securities into one strategy. Easily manage automated portfolio rebalancing to set your customers' mark closely to the original threshold trigger.


Use Decentralized Finance features to balance your strategy

Add staking or lending services to your strategy to offset potential volatility of cryptocurrencies. Earn additional rewards with staking blockchains or provide your customers a predictable stream of income via lending.


Built-in compliance and security

Compliance made easy

We provide a compliance layer so that anonymous peer-to-peer transactions are detected to avoid sanctions and help customers build audited standards.

Streamlined security

Reduce your risk and enable growth by leveraging our cloud-based infrastructure that detects changes across your user-base and system.

A full package

Asset Management Platform features

Customizable Strategies
Automatic Rebalancing
Intuitive Interface
Digital Onboarding
Staking & Lending
Multiple Exchanges
Investor Transparency
Different Order Types
Data-Driven Reporting
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